Monday, February 4, 2013

The BBQ Bowl

Dear Friends,

Greetings and blessings in Christ! Today, I have to say that I was able to find something positive in getting four hours of sleep and waking up at 0430 in the morning. How cool is that?

For starters, yesterday was Super Bowl Sunday as we all know. Thanks to my friend Lynn via my pal Rocky, I was able to discover ribs for $1.00 a pound. WHAT? So my wife and I got four racks of ribs for about $4.50 each and then 30 wings for about $5. Talk about a steal! So, not only that, but it was a dream come true last night as I was able to go to my friends Genevieve and Brett's house and use their grill to cook it all. Sweet BBQ dry rub, Texas BBQ, and Carolina BBQ. Needless to say, it was absolutely delicious and I think I found my calling... grilling food! More proof that I really am Texan!

Ok, so you're probably wondering how on earth this applies to the whole "four at 0430" thing. Being able to eat a ton of delicious food and watch the Super Bowl with such incredible friends kept us out late last night. Yet, when I sat at work this morning, extremely tired and trying to hang on until I could get a cup of coffee, I knew without a doubt that it was totally worth it. How blessed am I to have such an amazing wife (because I do, she's the best!) and such wonderful friends? How blessed am I to have a stable job with great benefits? How blessed am I that my family is loving, faithful, and intact? How blessed am I to have a God that loves me unconditionally and is so merciful that He forgives me over and over and over again no matter how dumb and sinful I am? Isn't that wonderful? The best part about it is that I get to share my God with the rest of the entire world! He's not just MY God... He's EVERYONE's God, whether they realize it or not. Pretty incredible if you ask me!

So, who cares if I only got four hours of sleep? Who cares if I had to wake up ridiculously early? Who cares if I struggled to stay awake at work today? I am so extremely blessed and I got to spend some quality time fulfilling my dream of grilling ribs and wings and hanging out with friends!

So the next time you're exhausted at work, think about how blessed you are! Also, if you have a chance to stay up late and hang out with friends, even if you have work the next day, do it because it will be worth it! At least, I think so!

God bless y'all, and stay positive my friends!

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